Terms and Conditions

1.Payment terms

1.1 The price will be indicated in the respective quotation at the time of receipt of each service.
1.2 Often the client agrees to pay a 50% fee upon agreeing on the quote while procuring the services.

2. Service performance terms
2.1 The Client hereby acknowledges that Forever BPO is capable of successfully performing the assignment entrusted to it.  

2.2 The assignment performance deadlines shall be agreed in writing or in a different way with the Client, at the point at which the operations commence.

2.3 Notwithstanding the above, where it becomes impossible to perform the assignment or where the assignment is delayed due to circumstances beyond its control, Forever BPO reserves the right to consult the Client in writing in order to ascertain how to proceed.

2.4 Where the Client agrees to amend the performance deadlines and the content of the assignment, Forever BPO may be required to revise the terms and conditions of the order.
3. Intellectual property
3.1 Use of the results of the assignment, as provided by Forever BPO, shall be strictly limited to the group to which the Client belongs and to its consultants, and in connection with the Client’s business only. The Client hereby undertakes to inform Forever BPO prior to broader publication of any results (either in part or in whole) supplied by Forever BPO, in order to gain Forever BPO’s authorisation to acknowledge it as the supplier of the work for publication. Forever BPO’s name must not be cited in relation to the assignment without its prior written consent.

3.2 The Client shall treat the proposal and price submitted by Forever BPO as confidential information. The Client shall not use the proposal or quote for any purpose other than to consider the offer made by Forever BPO. Where Forever BPO expressly requests the return of the proposal and the quote, the Client shall undertake to return the same immediately. The Client shall be expressly forbidden from making any copies of the proposal or the quote without the written consent of Forever BPO. Similarly, all proposals produced by Forever BPO, where such proposals are not accepted by the Client or where Forever BPO has not received payment in relation thereto, shall remain the property of Forever BPO. The Client hereby undertakes not to disclose such proposals to third parties, or to use such proposals in order to obtain quotes from competitors.

3.3 All processes, methods and tools developed and used by Forever BPO in its performance of the assignment shall remain its exclusive property. Under no circumstances may the Client claim any rights over such processes, methods and tools. All materials used to collect information, as well as all documents used during the course of performance of the assignment, shall also remain the property of Forever BPO.

3.4 Forever BPO shall be entitled to destroy these materials three years after completion of the assignment, without seeking the consent of the Client, except where forbidden to do so by a specific legal provision. During this period, Forever BPO reserves the right to bill the Client with respect to any requests received for copies of the stored information.

3.5 Unless expressly forbidden to do so by the Client, Forever BPO reserves the right to use the Client’s name, brand(s) and logo(s) and/or any other distinctive sign for communication, promotion and reference purposes, and on any presentation material or written document, whether in physical or electronic format.
4 Non-disclosure – confidentiality
4.1 Forever BPO shall and may have access to confidential information supplied by the Client (the “Confidential Information”) with respect to the contract. The Confidential Information shall include confidential details of the Client’s business activities, such as information about its customers, projects, suppliers and employees, as well as any other documents with respect to the assignment and identified as confidential in nature.

4.2 Any document or information concerning the Client’s employees shall be considered confidential on an automatic basis, except for those documents included in the support pack for the Client’s employees involved in the assignment; Forever BPO hereby undertakes to treat such documents in accordance with current Data Protection and Privacy laws and regulations.

4.3 Forever BPO hereby undertakes to take all necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of the Confidential Information throughout the term of the contract, and for a period of five (5) years following termination or expiry of the contract. Except where required by a law, regulation or court decision, Forever BPO shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party, for any reason whatsoever.

4.4 Upon expiry of the contract, for whatever reason, Forever BPO shall return to the Client, at the Client’s first request, all documents belonging to the Client and containing Confidential Information, or destroy, at the Client’s first request, all documents belonging to the Client and containing Confidential Information, and shall formally certify to the Client that it has not retained any copies thereof in any format whatsoever.
5. Civil and professional liability
The Client hereby recognises that the price quoted for performance of the assignment has been established through common agreement on this basis. Where the Client demands additional protection or coverage, it shall be billed for the additional cost pertaining thereto.

6. Nullity of a clause – article titles
Where one of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is declared null or cancelled, this shall not have the effect of cancelling the other clauses herein. The titles of the articles in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are provided for information purposes only and shall not have any legal or contractual basis with respect to interpretation of the provisions herein.